Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our "Routine"

Not sure who's interested in knowing this but I'm loving my new "routine" with baby Greta. We wake up, usually around 7:30 or so, eat, and then begin our day. We "play" on the first floor of our house. I make my coffee. She smiles at herself in the mirror. Then she starts to fuss. It's like clockwork. Right around 8:30 or so, she's ready for a morning nap. I put her in our baby bjorn, walk around for about 3 minutes, and bring her upstairs. She transfers quite nicely into her crib, and drifts to sleep for 45-60 minutes.

When she wakes up, we start it all over again. We eat, play and then sleep again. I love watching her get older. I love being able to read her cues. I simply love her.