Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Gillian Welch to California

Where do you start when you haven't blogged in weeks and so much has happened? A quick recap? Something not important? All the details?

We've had a lot on our plates lately.

On July 20th my man and I went to hear one of our favorite singers at a great venue. Gillian Welch played with Dave Rawlings and it was wonderful! We had a beautiful date night together.

On July 21st I finally went to urgent care for something that has been bothering me for about a month. I thought I was just dealing with back pain (being pregnant for 20 months out of the previous 24 months) or cramps (being pregnant means not having your regular cycle, sorry, tmi?). Anyway. The pain got bad. Really bad. So I went in. Thank God my mom lives close and could be here in 20 minutes. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have waiting until Dan got home. And then died. From pain. So, I went to u.c. and they did a bunch of tests (urine, blood, pelvic exam, and a pregnancy test) and we still didn't have an answer. I wasn't pregnant and it wasn't my appendix, which we thought it might be. So, I had to go to the hospital the following day for an ultrasound and ct scan to see what it was.

So I went home. Ate some food. Relieved my mom. And went to bed. Only to wake at 4 am with extreme pain again and no way to relieve it. So, we called my amazing mother again and headed off to the emergency room. We waited for a while. Got into a room. Got a ct scan. Then met the doctor. And here's where it gets a little silly. I have kidney stones. Yup. Me. 27 year old me. I had a stone, whom I'm affectionately named Adele (apparently I'll be making more so we started naming them, like hurricanes, and started with A), stuck in my ureter and they needed to do a surgery called lithotripsy to break it up. So I met with my urologist later that day and we scheduled the appt for the following Tuesday. Which meant I needed to make it through the weekend, Friday- Tuesday before anything could be fixed. Yikes. The pain meds helped but they made me nauseous. The anti-nausea medicine helped but it made me dizzy. I couldn't eat.

Tuesday came and we had the procedure. It went really well and they said it would take about a day to feel normal. Wrong. It took me until Sunday to feel normal.

Then Tuesday, of the following week, I got the flu. A bad one. Like, one you can't even describe for fear of grossing people out.

Then Thursday, August 4th (my older brother's 30th birthday!) we flew to Kansas with the girls. Thank God I was feeling better and could get on the plane. And, thank God my girls and my man didn't get sick.

Then Saturday, August 6th, Daniel and I left the girls in KS with my amazing in-laws and flew to California with some of our best friends

for a weekend getaway. It was incredible!
We ate good food,

listened to great music,
swam in a breathtaking ocean,

drank delicious drinks,
and enjoyed a refreshing time together.

We flew back to KS on Tuesday, the 9th, and were so glad to be back with the girls. I was nervous that Audrey wouldn't want to nurse again after having a bottle for 3 1/2 days but boy was I wrong. Immediately upon sitting down with her in my arms she starting leaning to the side and panting. It was hilarious and beautiful. So very glad she missed me!

We spent the rest of the week in Kansas enjoying time with family and friends and then flew back to MN on Saturday. It was great to be home. We quickly got back into our regular routine.

So there you have it. A semi-quick recap of what's been going on.
Oh, and I started running during this time and love it.