Saturday, November 27, 2010

She's almost here...

Well, I'm officially 39 1/2 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. I'm still feeling great- which is such a blessing, and loving the end of this pregnancy. I think that knowing I'm about to have a major life switch, as opposed to really having no clue what is about to happen, is helping me embrace the last few days I have with just Greta. She is growing up so fast, almost 14 months old now, and loves life. She is truly a "joy-bringer". I can't go anywhere without people stopping me to talk about her and her smile.

We are having a home birth with this babe, as opposed to my un-medicated hospital birth with Greta, and are thrilled! We found two amazing midwives that fit perfectly with us. We also, through lots and lots of phone calls and paperwork, have found a way to get insurance to cover this birth! Praise God.

So, we're in the final stages of preparing our place for her. I've got all the birth supplies here, the babies clothes are washed and ready, diapers are purchased, and I'm in one of the best states mentally I think I could be. Now we just wait! She is not officially due until next Wednesday, 4 days from now, and I've thought all along that she'll probably come late, just like Greta (3 days only though).

Now here's where we come to the dilemma- we have no idea what to name her. No idea. We've been throwing around names since we found out she was a girl and can't, for the life of us, decide on one. A few months ago we decided that it would be alright to wait until we meet her but as the time draws nearer, I'm nervous that we don't even have two or three to choose from, we have 6! So- weigh in if you'd like but here is what we're thinking:

Name Meaning
Violet- violet flower
Mirian- longed for child
Audrey- noble strength
Adrienne- dark one
Louise- famous warrior
Beatrix- blessed

I think they all have a nice ring with Greta- which was important- but we really can't decide. Violet and Audrey might be a little too popular these days but honestly- that doesn't bother me too much- just want a name that fits her!

So- as we enjoy these last few days I'm hoping that God speaks to us clearly and that we are able to name her appropriately!