Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a little update

Life in the Hansen household is just lovely these days. The girls are growing up so fast and we are finding more and more fun ways to fill our days.

On July 1st, just a week and some change away, Greta will be 21 months old. (I'm already starting to plan her birthday party!) She is very much a toddler. She "talks" all day long and I would say that she has well over 100 words. She is so expressive and finds creative ways to asks for the things she needs. I recently read an article about the "terrible twos" and I realized that with any luck, we might just skip that stage. Don't get me wrong- she has her moments. But mainly, if I slow down, listen to her, and wait for understanding, she remains calm and I can usually help her out. It's a beautiful thing- this communication we have!

I don't have a photo of this recent story but let me try to paint one in your mind. Greta loves to "talk" on her fake cell phone. She has a few favorites on her speed dial (Abba, Nana, Daddy and Mimi) and calls them on a regular basis. The other day I was nursing Audrey (sometimes I'm pretty sure that's all I do) and Greta was keeping herself content chatting away on the phone. She just walked around the house, holding the phone with one hand up to her ear, with a very serious expression on her face. Then, with full determination, she walked right up to her magnadoodle writing pad, propped the phone between her ear and her shoulder, picked the pad up, and began jotting something down, I kid you not. I laughed out loud. Hard. And then didn't stop for what felt like a really long time. She had such a serious look on her face the whole time too so I'm curious what she was writing. A play-date she needed to schedule? Something to add to the grocery list? The possibilities are endless.

On July 8th Audrey will be 7 months old! She is an absolute Joy. Her word is and hopefully will always be- Jolly! She smiles all the time and is quite content watching her sister run around the house. She is rolling over like a mad woman these days and we just started her on solids. She loves to eat but isn't nearly as interested in vegetables. I'm hoping to fix that soon though! She sleeps through the night with an early wake up to nurse once and then goes right back to sleep. Most of the time I put her back in her bed. That's a lie. Most of the time I continue cuddling with her until Greta gets up and I'm forced out of bed. I absolutely love holding sweet Audrey and will soak up every moment I get with her!

We spend our days going for walks, meeting up with friends for play-dates, visiting with family members at various locations, library story time, watering our garden, cleaning the house (well me at least, Greta loves to help but isn't quite there yet), making meals for our family and baking away. The girls both take a great nap in the afternoon and I'm finding a chance to catch up on all my tasks.

I love my life. I spent this Father's Day thanking my amazing husband for providing for our family by working so I can be with our precious daughters every day. Trust me- I do not take it for granted.