Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9 months and 18 weeks

Well. It appears my darling daughter is teething. I know this is a very common baby stage but I have to say, I hate it. There really isn't much I can do for her. We try to comfort her with tylenol/motrin whenever possible. She has plenty of teethers that we keep cold so she can chew on them when needed. A friend of mine lent me a wonderful gadget. It's a way to let babies eat/suck on frozen fruit without choking. Greta loves it and so do I! We've been getting outside as often as possible and letting the distractions help. We walked Lake of the Isles yesterday, Lake Harriet today, and tomorrow we're walking Calhoun. It's great to get out and get some exercise and I'm convinced we're making people happier with Greta's bright eyes and beautiful smile!

Our baby turns 9 months tomorrow. 9 months! Holy cow. I cannot believe how quickly this time is flying by. She is so much fun (well, not currently). She sits up now, can pull herself to standing while holding onto me, laughs all the time, plays coy when new people come around, eats big kid food, and sings to herself all the time. She is absolutely wonderful. I'm so very lucky to be her Mama.

I am now 18 weeks along in this pregnancy. 18 weeks! Also- we found out what we're having.... it's a girl! We couldn't be more excited! (We would have been excited either way really!) We didn't find out the gender when we were pregnant with Greta and I loved it. It was so fun not knowing and having that moment in the hospital when we saw her for the first time. However, since we really didn't need any more surprises this time around, we opted to find out. Also- it's kind of fun to have the option. We had an ultrasound on Father's Day and were able to see our new little daughter. She was moving like crazy and had a beautiful profile! We are so blessed.