Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

I love this holiday. As a 1/4 Irish gal, celebrating St. Patrick's Day is a must. My family marches in the parade downtown and everyone gets dressed up. As this was Greta's first St. Patrick's Day I wanted to make a special outfit for her. I made these stripped leggings a few days ago but needed a top. I found this great pattern for a super cute dress and got to work. I also found this really easy to follow chart for making a shamrock right in the center. With a few adaptations and some time, I made this whole outfit in one day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greta's Dedication Dress

Well, we're having Greta dedicated. I've been working on something for her to wear for the big event for quite some time now. Here's what has happened.

I started a dress with a sweet and simple pattern only to find that it was just way too big.
Then, I found another pattern, checked my gauge, and knit the entire thing... only to find that this too was quite too large for my little babe. This dress is called Oriental Lily and I thought it would be just perfect. I made it white with a pink sash around the center. It will probably fit her for Easter of 2011!
So, I have officially started the third dress for this babe and I'm not more that two inches from the bottom, (it's a bottom up dress) and I already think it's too big.

All that to say, if any of you know of a good place to find an affordable dedication dress, read less than $20, let me know. We're running out of time here and I just can't knit that fast!

Photos added of the dress!

Nana is happy!

and so is baby Greta! (Mama too of course!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep Sound In Jesus

As a child my mother used to put us to sleep with this Michael Card CD, "Sleep Sound In Jesus". It never failed. I would be fussy, or over tired, and fight sleep. My mom would tuck me in. Kiss me good night. And walk away. If I really needed to fall asleep and wouldn't, my mom would put on this cd. I don't think I know any of the songs past the third or fourth because it only took the first few to lull me off to sleep.

Well, my dearest Greta has a cold. She has been fighting one off for the last week and it has fully hit. She has a runny nose and fever. Although, much to our amazement, she doesn't seem that "off", her naps have been terrible today. So as I went to lay her down for attempt #4 of the day I couldn't bear the sound of her tears one more time. Then it dawned on my... Sleep Sound in Jesus. I have an iPod player in her room and so, as she battles this cold, she will rest for this nap with this precious cd playing in the background.

Thank you Mom for introducing me to this beautiful lullaby. Thank you Micheal Card for creating such a treasured gift. And thank you God for lulling my baby to sleep with the Truth about you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, as it's not officially here yet this blog might be mislabeled. However, the Hope of Spring is here. Many of my friends have claimed that this winter has truly been that, a winter. I guess I haven't necessarily felt the same but I can empathize with them. This winter I have wanted nothing more than to get outside. Greta is now 5 months old and the idea of laying her down on a play mat, or sitting her in her exosaucer, while fun it may be for a moment, seems mundane.

I'm ready for sunshine.

I'm ready for green grass.

I'm ready to bring a big blanket to one of our beautiful lakes and have a picnic with my babe.

I'm ready to paint my toenails and have someone see them.
I'm ready for St. Patrick's Day and marching in the parade downtown.
I'm ready for the new life that comes with Spring.
All that to say, I'm ready!