Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, from the title of this blog you'll be able to see where we are at. I'm glad I waited a little while before I wrote this entry however because this decision hasn't been an easy one.

A little background knowledge:
Breastfeeding wasn't easy for us- ever! We struggled for the first 6 weeks to get it right and then once we did, I got pregnant again, and it's been painful ever since. I've tried all sorts of things- new positions, seeing a lactation consultant, creams, and nothing has seemed to work. I think we just got off on the wrong foot and it has been challenging since then.

Greta just turned 1 on October 1st and so technically, doesn't need my milk for nutritional value although, I'm starting to think that there really is no magical date in which a baby changes so quickly.

I'm officially 8 1/2 months pregnant with our new little girl and this belly hasn't been making it any easier for nursing.

Also- I'm preparing myself, both mentally and physically, for what is to come in nursing a newborn again and the thought of nursing two at the same time, isn't so appealing.

So, all that to say, about two weeks ago we started introducing whole milk into G's diet and she loved it! We found this great, hormone free, milk from Cub that I feel good about giving her and she loves to drink. At this point we were only nursing three times a day anyway, first thing in the morning, right after morning nap, and right after afternoon nap. We never nursed to sleep once she was older (around 4 months) and therefore didn't have to worry about giving that session up, which I hear can be the hardest.

We went at it gradually too. For the first weekend we just cut out her mid morning feeding. She didn't even seem to notice. Then the following week I cut out the afternoon feeding and again, she didn't even seem to notice. So, as of right now, we are only nursing first thing in the morning and even that session she is starting to make shorter and shorter.

I'm writing about this because although it's been super easy for Greta- it has been so hard for me! I'm dealing with this thought of Greta growing up and no longer needing me in the ways she once did. I'm dealing with this idea of having a toddler who can be away from me now for any length of time without really noticing. I'm dealing with the part of me that is still grieving my loss of time with just her.

To all those Mama's out there who had to wean before they were all too ready, and even once they thought they were ready, I feel your pain.