Sunday, December 5, 2010


That is pretty much the word that describes the state I'm in these days. I am now officially, 4 days past my due date and trying to wait as patiently as possible for her to come. I'm so very ready to meet her, it's killing me.

Last night, as I was having more contractions that didn't hurt, I turned to my man and said, "I'm waiting for them to hurt. What a strange thought. That I'm actually looking forward to the pain because it will mean that my contractions are actually doing something". He just smiled and comforted me.

What's funny about all of this though, is that it is just so perfect. This whole pregnancy was a surprise, one that we definitely thought we weren't ready for, and now here I am, waiting to meet my new daughter. I can't stop thinking about her, the way she'll look, the smell of her skin and hair, how she'll nurse, and what kind of person she'll be. I know that God had a plan when we found out we were pregnant and therefore He must have a plan about this little gal's birthday, but the longer this drags on the more I wonder what I'm not seeing.

So, in the waiting, I'm trying to enjoy these last few moments/hours/days/weeks! with Greta and my man. I'm trying to get my house ready again, because the nesting instinct that kicked in three weeks ago was awesome but my house somehow got dirty again, imagine that. I'm trying to relax, take care of myself, and spend time with lots of positive people that will encourage me in this time as well. I'm trying to notice the beauty of the Winter around me and soak up the fact that I don't have to bundle a newborn up to go outside, quite yet.

I should say this too- I would normally consider myself a pretty patient person. However, having contractions and cramps that started two and a half weeks ago meant that I started getting ready for her to join us, any minute. And then nothing happened. Nothing. Just more cramps, more contractions that didn't hurt, and more time passing by. I'm having a home birth, which is awesome, so we don't have to leave, or pack a bag, but I think it's making me even more relaxed! I'm just ready to get this show on the road!

Please pray for patience for me as I wait for the birth of my new baby.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

She's almost here...

Well, I'm officially 39 1/2 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. I'm still feeling great- which is such a blessing, and loving the end of this pregnancy. I think that knowing I'm about to have a major life switch, as opposed to really having no clue what is about to happen, is helping me embrace the last few days I have with just Greta. She is growing up so fast, almost 14 months old now, and loves life. She is truly a "joy-bringer". I can't go anywhere without people stopping me to talk about her and her smile.

We are having a home birth with this babe, as opposed to my un-medicated hospital birth with Greta, and are thrilled! We found two amazing midwives that fit perfectly with us. We also, through lots and lots of phone calls and paperwork, have found a way to get insurance to cover this birth! Praise God.

So, we're in the final stages of preparing our place for her. I've got all the birth supplies here, the babies clothes are washed and ready, diapers are purchased, and I'm in one of the best states mentally I think I could be. Now we just wait! She is not officially due until next Wednesday, 4 days from now, and I've thought all along that she'll probably come late, just like Greta (3 days only though).

Now here's where we come to the dilemma- we have no idea what to name her. No idea. We've been throwing around names since we found out she was a girl and can't, for the life of us, decide on one. A few months ago we decided that it would be alright to wait until we meet her but as the time draws nearer, I'm nervous that we don't even have two or three to choose from, we have 6! So- weigh in if you'd like but here is what we're thinking:

Name Meaning
Violet- violet flower
Mirian- longed for child
Audrey- noble strength
Adrienne- dark one
Louise- famous warrior
Beatrix- blessed

I think they all have a nice ring with Greta- which was important- but we really can't decide. Violet and Audrey might be a little too popular these days but honestly- that doesn't bother me too much- just want a name that fits her!

So- as we enjoy these last few days I'm hoping that God speaks to us clearly and that we are able to name her appropriately!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, from the title of this blog you'll be able to see where we are at. I'm glad I waited a little while before I wrote this entry however because this decision hasn't been an easy one.

A little background knowledge:
Breastfeeding wasn't easy for us- ever! We struggled for the first 6 weeks to get it right and then once we did, I got pregnant again, and it's been painful ever since. I've tried all sorts of things- new positions, seeing a lactation consultant, creams, and nothing has seemed to work. I think we just got off on the wrong foot and it has been challenging since then.

Greta just turned 1 on October 1st and so technically, doesn't need my milk for nutritional value although, I'm starting to think that there really is no magical date in which a baby changes so quickly.

I'm officially 8 1/2 months pregnant with our new little girl and this belly hasn't been making it any easier for nursing.

Also- I'm preparing myself, both mentally and physically, for what is to come in nursing a newborn again and the thought of nursing two at the same time, isn't so appealing.

So, all that to say, about two weeks ago we started introducing whole milk into G's diet and she loved it! We found this great, hormone free, milk from Cub that I feel good about giving her and she loves to drink. At this point we were only nursing three times a day anyway, first thing in the morning, right after morning nap, and right after afternoon nap. We never nursed to sleep once she was older (around 4 months) and therefore didn't have to worry about giving that session up, which I hear can be the hardest.

We went at it gradually too. For the first weekend we just cut out her mid morning feeding. She didn't even seem to notice. Then the following week I cut out the afternoon feeding and again, she didn't even seem to notice. So, as of right now, we are only nursing first thing in the morning and even that session she is starting to make shorter and shorter.

I'm writing about this because although it's been super easy for Greta- it has been so hard for me! I'm dealing with this thought of Greta growing up and no longer needing me in the ways she once did. I'm dealing with this idea of having a toddler who can be away from me now for any length of time without really noticing. I'm dealing with the part of me that is still grieving my loss of time with just her.

To all those Mama's out there who had to wean before they were all too ready, and even once they thought they were ready, I feel your pain.

Friday, September 10, 2010

28 weeks down, 12 to go!

12! That's right. I said 12. Oh my word- I'm so not ready for this new little gal to join us. I mean, emotionally I am thrilled beyond belief to experience becoming a mom again but in so many other ways we are not ready.

I keep trying to convince Daniel that it's time to get the house ready again- clean, rearrange rooms, clean some more, organize.... He's got this idea that I'll be in the mood to do all of that after she comes. After? Is he crazy? I can't even imagine doing it now but I know that after she's here, when I have two babies, literally two kids under 15 months, there is no way I'm going to feel like moving furniture or organizing bins of clothes. No way.

So, all that to say, I'm starting, weather he is on board or not. I've got to feel a little ready for her, right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our trip to Aldi

I just went on an adventure with Greta to our local Aldi. For those of you that don't know, Aldi is a discount grocery store. They have fresh produce, canned goods, an entire wall of refrigerated foods, and lots of other goodies. I go to Aldi when I need to get groceries for cheap and, I'm feeling brave. Our local Aldi is located right on Penn ave.

Now, let me preface this whole story by telling you that I love living in North Minneapolis. The times that I am afraid of my neighborhood are few and far between. We live on an excellent street with great neighbors who look out for each other. We are smart about when we go out and where we go. And to be honest, I'm truly more afraid of the wildlife (read: squirrels) in our neighborhood than I am any "bad guys".

All that to say- when I brave a trip to Aldi, alone with Greta, I am doing just that, braving a trip. This store creeps me out to no end. There are always people lurking by the carts. Which by the way, you have to deposit a quarter into just to use. But don't worry, you get it back at the end of the shopping trip. That is, if you're not harrased by one of the previously mentioned lurkers who would like your quarter!

So, G and I show up this morning, ready to do some damage. We walked right up to the cart carole, which I had planned ahead for by bring a quarter with me, and got our cart. Only- there was a quarter already in there! Some kind soul left a quarter in their cart for the next person to use. (In hindsight I wish I would have done the same thing but instead I took the quarter when it was my turn to leave!)

We walked in and were amazed, immediately, at the ammount of deals the store had to offer. Here's what we got:

almonds: 12 oz

english muffins: 2, 6 packs

kleenex (not the actual brand kleenex but facial tissues mind you): 3 boxes

peaches: 12

plums: 8

frozen pie shells:2




jalapeno peppers: 16 oz container

gum: 4 pack

sparkling cider: 2 bottles of our upcoming camp wine tasting

fruit snacks (no sugar added): 12 pack

raspberry fruit stips: 8 pack

sack of flour

jar of garlic: 8 oz

hersheys choc. bars: 12 oz bag

bananas: 8

brownie mix

can of beans

dark choc. cookies for Dan

cooking spray

Any guesses as to how much all of this cost me? Any?

Well, I walked out of there spending a whopping $37.36

That's right, less than $40 and I now have tons of fruit to freeze for Greta, fresh fruit for now, snacks for our trip, cooking essentials for our home and lots of other fun items!

And- I didn't get accosted. We left the store, with two lurkers eye-balling my cart- walked straight to our car, unloaded our groceries, put the cart back (took the quarter which I'll leave for next time) and got back into our car.

All in alll it was a great trip and we are happy campers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kansas, Colorado, and a whole bunch in between!

We recently took a family road trip down to Kansas to visit Dan's family and celebrate his mother's 60th birthday! What a blast! We wanted to extend the trip a little longer and visit some friends in Colorado so we got plane tickets, thanks to my father-in-law's frequent flyer miles, and flew there as well. Greta got to experience the ride too and we had a wonderful time there. Here's a play by play of our trip down there.

Thursday 7.29: I'm was officially 22 weeks then and had a midwife appt! Emme came to my place to check me out, chat about the pregnancy, and talk more about this birth we are hoping to have. With each visit I am more and more convinced that this is the right path for us. We cannot wait to see what a neat experience having a home-birth will be! She also helped me load the car with our luggage and I took off to pick up Daniel. We drove to Kansas, leaving town around 4 pm, and arrived right around midnight. We were exhausted but Greta did great in the car!

Friday 7.30: Party prep day! Alan, my father-in-law, and I took off bright and early for some grocery shopping for the party. Although we decided to have it catered, we still had to make quite a bit of the side dishes and desserts for the big event. I made Secret Cookies (I'm not sure if I can share the recipe or not so I'll wait to give it out until I have permission!). They take quite a bit of time but they are so worth it! I also make a watermelon, basil, lemon salad that was quite delicious. The other girls in the family were busy either helping me or Kit so we spent the day there! Mama Hansen also helped here and there but had to answer a ton of questions from all of us. At one point, since it was so hot out, she decided to give Greta a tubby in their cooler. Ahh- how sweet.

I also made dinner for the family that night: cream cheese wontons, pork egg-rolls, and white rice. Yummy. We played some games and enjoyed eachother's company.

Saturday 7.31: Party Day! We got up early, started getting the house ready, and prepped the rest of the food! We were literally busy until the guests started arriving- at which point I was presenting Mama Hansen with my gift to her- a video slideshow of her wonderful 60 years so far! All in all, the party was a huge success and Mama Hansen felt loved! We even found a way to get photos of all the guests at the party so we could put them in a memory book for her too! Here's our family photo!

Sunday 8.1: This day was all about relaxation. I had hoped to make it to church with the parents that morning but Greta wanted to sleep instead- fine by me! After we all enjoyed some leftovers for lunch we went out, just the ladies, for manicures and pedicures. Such a fun treat! That night we left Greta at home with Grammi and Grandpop and all the siblings and their significant others went out! We had a great dinner and laughed a bunch. Greta did great with them too- as expected- and it was so fun to be out with Daniel- sans baby!

Monday 8.2: Pool day! Some neighbors were kind enough to let us borrow their pool for an afternoon. We all got into our gear, loaded a cooler, jumped into the conversion van, and spent the afternoon at the pool. Such a treat! That night was our last night with Kit and Paul so we just hung out at home, relaxing and playing more games.

Tuesday 8.3: Our day with the Flanery's! Part of the dilemma we face when coming to Kansas is spreading out our time with not only our family but also our friends. Some of our best friends live just 30 minutes away and we always try to make time to see them. We had a lovely lunch with them and their three beautiful children (number 4 is due in less than a month!).

Then Crystal and I got to take off, sans kids, for a little Target run and smoothie treat. It's truly the little things as a mom! Then we all headed off to their local neighborhood pool and went swimming for the afternoon. Poor baby Greta got some sunscreen on her hands and then rubbed them into her eyes- she recovered but was oh so sore. After that we enjoyed a lovely dinner cooked by Dick at the Truxaw residence. Again- another wonderful day.

Wednesday 8.4: My brother's birthday! Although I had to be away from my brother on his 29th birthday I mailed him a card, and thought about him all day long. Such a great guy!

This was our travel day. We took off for the airport around 2 pm. Got there. Checked in. Loaded the plane. Took off. Greta did great! You would think she was a pro at flying. There was a little boy who sat behind us and kept her entertained the whole flight- well, most of the flight... here's what happened. We actually got to Denver about 20 minutes early and then the pilot announced, "we won't be able to land quite yet, due to weather, so we'll keep doing circles over the airport until they tell us it's time to come down". OK, no big deal. Ha! After about an hour, and another brilliant announcement, "I'm optimistic we have enough fuel to make it" we started heading for Colorado Springs. Bummer. We landed in there, through plenty of turbulence, and sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half. Because there was no gate there for us, we couldn't get off the plane. That's right. We were stuck. I'm 23 weeks along now, almost 6 months, hungry, and have already nursed Greta twice so I'm starting to feel a little dehydrated. They didn't come around and ask if we needed anything- which was a huge disappointment- but we understood. We waited patiently and then heard it was almost time for us to leave. We got to the runway but then stopped again as the pilot announced, "It appears we are not the only plane ready to head back to Denver. We'll just wait for our turn". Great- so now he's a gentlemen! Once we took off, and I nursed Greta again- we had a quick flight there. We landed and then sat on the tarmac again, as all the gates were full from the planes that got there before us! We finally got the gate and realized that all the restaurants were closed- just 5 minutes before we landed. BUMMER! I was super hungry so we got some taco bell from another terminal and then got our rental car and luggage. I have to say, Greta did better than we did. Both Dan and I were starting to loose it at one point and she was so happy. Praise God!

Once we finally got to our friends Jon and Kendra's place we were exhausted. We were supposed to have a BBQ with our friends there but missed them all. We ate something quickly, chatted for a little bit, and then when right to bed. Tomorrow would be another day!

Thursday 8.5: We spent this day just hanging out around town. We missed seeing Joel and his kids the night before so we really wanted to get together with him. He had 2 guest passes to the Denver Children's Museum so we went there for a play-date with his adorable sons. We had a great time!

After a drive home, a rest for Greta, and showers for Dan and I, we took off for dinner with our friends, Jeremy and Marie. When I lived in Denver, the summer of 2005, I spent most of my days with Marie and her cute kids, Caleb and Eva. Eva was the only one there that night but we had a lovely evening. So good to reconnect with them!

Friday 8.6: Dan used to be an optician and so he wanted to visit his old co-workers. We drove out to his old office and spent some time with them- always great! Then we had lunch at Baja Fresh, one of his favorite chair restaurants in Denver, and drove home. Greta fell asleep in the car on the way home and continued to sleep for another 2 1/2 hours- I think she's growing! We got up, got dressed, and were off to dinner with our friends Gary and Melanie and our cousins, Ross and Katie. We had such a fun night with them too- Greta went down great in the pack and play that we brought- so we were able to enjoy a whole evening as adults!

Saturday 8.7: Our day with the Clarks. Jon and Kendra- our hosts- are amazing.

We love spending time with them, whenever we're out there, and Saturday was nothing short of that. We had a lovely breakfast in the am, drove out to Mt. Evans, and spent an hour or so hiking around the trails. Greta did great in the baby bjorn on Dan and I managed to not get sick- it's a lot of work to stay hydrated while nursing one baby, growing another, and hiking in the high altitude!

We got to have Thai Basil for dinner that night- my favorite restaurant in Denver. It was just as delicious as I remembered it. Again, another wonderful day.

Sunday 8.8: When Dan lived in CO he went to this great church called Denver Community Church. It has been through quite a few changes over the past few years, new pastor and lead team, new interior, new structure spiritually, but it still felt good to be back. We enjoyed a nice Sunday morning service and then headed off to lunch with friends from our old small group. We had a great lunch at Todd and Tonia's and were able to visit with almost everyone from our group. Such a great reminder of the love surrounding us from afar! Greta was a hit too!

Since we had to wake up at some awful hour the next morning we called it an early night, watched a movie, picked up a pizza, and got to bed at a reasonable hour.

Monday 8.9: 3:30 am. That's right. 3:30 AM! That's what time my alarm went off. We had packed the car the night before so we got dressed, brushed our teeth, woke Greta up, and took off for the airport. We got there with plenty of time, dropped the car off at the rental place, checked in, went through security which took way longer than it should have, and barely made it to the plane on time. We did however, have a smooth flight, and made it home by 8:30 am! We promptly went back to bed upon our arrival back.

We spent the day hanging out with the family, cleaning Nana's (Dan's 95 year old Grandmother) fridge, and relaxing. Such a great end to our wonderful vacation.

Tuesday 8.10: This was our last day of our trip. We got up early, with Greta, had a delicious pancake breakfast, and took off. After 7 1/2 hours of driving we arrived at our house- warm- but home. My folks came over with food to stock our fridge with and pizza! Such a treat.

I love traveling with Daniel. Just another reminder of how good we are together and what a gift he is to me.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9 months and 18 weeks

Well. It appears my darling daughter is teething. I know this is a very common baby stage but I have to say, I hate it. There really isn't much I can do for her. We try to comfort her with tylenol/motrin whenever possible. She has plenty of teethers that we keep cold so she can chew on them when needed. A friend of mine lent me a wonderful gadget. It's a way to let babies eat/suck on frozen fruit without choking. Greta loves it and so do I! We've been getting outside as often as possible and letting the distractions help. We walked Lake of the Isles yesterday, Lake Harriet today, and tomorrow we're walking Calhoun. It's great to get out and get some exercise and I'm convinced we're making people happier with Greta's bright eyes and beautiful smile!

Our baby turns 9 months tomorrow. 9 months! Holy cow. I cannot believe how quickly this time is flying by. She is so much fun (well, not currently). She sits up now, can pull herself to standing while holding onto me, laughs all the time, plays coy when new people come around, eats big kid food, and sings to herself all the time. She is absolutely wonderful. I'm so very lucky to be her Mama.

I am now 18 weeks along in this pregnancy. 18 weeks! Also- we found out what we're having.... it's a girl! We couldn't be more excited! (We would have been excited either way really!) We didn't find out the gender when we were pregnant with Greta and I loved it. It was so fun not knowing and having that moment in the hospital when we saw her for the first time. However, since we really didn't need any more surprises this time around, we opted to find out. Also- it's kind of fun to have the option. We had an ultrasound on Father's Day and were able to see our new little daughter. She was moving like crazy and had a beautiful profile! We are so blessed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I love this day. This is the last day before camp. This is the preparation day. I have my to-do list. My groceries purchased. My clothes cleaned. My packing list has been tweaked, to add the stuff we now need for Miss Greta, and it's been printed! Now all I have to do is start.

This year I'm making jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon for the wine tasting that I will not be able to participate in. I need to prepare those ahead of time as they can take a little while and then I don't have to worry about doing it once we are there. I also need to make egg salad for one of the lunches we're going to have there.

We are trying something different with food this year. We always end up driving home with extra food so instead, we are going to do food communally this year. Everyone has been assigned a meal, or three, and they are responsible for providing food for everyone in our group. Should be kind of fun to see how it works! I think I like change. Actually, I know I do.

I always over pack knitting projects for these sorts of trips. I get optimistic thinking about how much I could accomplish, pack a ton of bags of knitting supplies, and rarely knit. I'm currently working on a birthday gift for my friend's twins- not needed until December and so I think I'll bring that.

I met Daniel camping. That is where we fell in love 6 years later. We got married with most of our camp friends around us, outside. We love to travel together and we love to be outside. Memorial Day is always fun, even in the rain. Here's to a fabulous weekend ahead. Oh, and it's Greta's first time camping!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Round 2

Well, it's official, we're pregnant again! This was definitely a surprise to all the parties involved. Greta still has absolutely no idea and I have a feeling she really won't until this little bundle joins us in the world. We are 13 weeks along, as of tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty good. I've been tired, which by the way, means I should be resting now as Greta is but I felt like writing instead! Other than a few headaches from not drinking enough water though, I've been great.

Emotionally however, not so much. Well, I'm getting there. My dear husband and I found out about this bundle the day before Easter. We've had our share of family and friend troubles so far this Spring that telling everyone right then just didn't feel right. Also, we weren't excited. Isn't it even awful to think? Then we felt guilty for not feeling excited. Both things that my God does not want me to feel. Alas, we took in what we could, breathed, cried, got a Frosty at Wendy's, said a prayer, and went with it.

We told some good friends of ours not long afterward as they were in a similar boat, pregnant, with children already, and not really expecting it. They were excited and supportive which is exactly what we needed.

I guess I had a different plan (isn't it funny when that happens!).
  • I wanted Greta to be at the birth of her younger siblings and to maybe realize, a little, what was going on. We're still planning on having her there, she just might be clueless!
  • I wanted Greta to get to be the baby for a while. No matter how hard I try, she will now be the "big girl". I'll have unfair expectations on her just because she's not the infant.
  • I wanted to nurse Greta for as long as we both wanted it. Breastfeeding was not easy for us. In fact, sometimes I laugh about this, but we pretty much endured every possible problem with nursing until she was about 6 weeks old. I know that may not seem like very long for some of you but let me help you with the math: nursing 10-12 times daily (on both sides!) times 7 days times 6 weeks equals 420 to 500 times of an excruciatingly painful experience that neither of us were enjoying all the while knowing that it was supposed to be beautiful and bonding. Ha. All that to say however, I'm not quitting nursing just because I'm pregnant. And I don't plan on stopping once the new babe is born. I have lots of reasons for it and maybe I'll write more about that later.
  • I wanted to not be pregnant for a little while longer. I mean, I feel like I just got out of my maternity pants. Well, I did.
  • Even as I look back on this I realize that I have started each sentence with, "I wanted" Ha.
As we approach the second trimester I am feeling much better, emotionally, about the whole situation. I am eagerly anticipating finding a midwife that will deliver this babe in our home. I am excited about eating healthy for not only myself and Greta but also this new little one. I am confident that this birth will be an experience I won't forget. I am looking forward to finding out the gender of this babe (we really don't need anymore surprises) and planning for him or her. I am excited to watch Greta become a big sister and see all the gifts she has as a little girl come to the table. I'm also excited for this bit of JOY in the midst of what felt like a hurricane around us.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nap Time

I know it's been a while since my last post but I just wanted to write about how much I love nap time. And yet, I can't wait for it to be over. Isn't that the strangest thing? While having lunch today I realized that my little gal had been asleep already for almost 2 hours*. She rarely naps longer than an hour. That's her sleep cycle. So, me, being the crazy new mom that I am, went upstairs to check on her. She was definitely still sleeping, until she heard me breathing, and then she woke up. And I was glad. I absolutely love my life.

* today she had shots- which might explain the longer nap.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

I love this holiday. As a 1/4 Irish gal, celebrating St. Patrick's Day is a must. My family marches in the parade downtown and everyone gets dressed up. As this was Greta's first St. Patrick's Day I wanted to make a special outfit for her. I made these stripped leggings a few days ago but needed a top. I found this great pattern for a super cute dress and got to work. I also found this really easy to follow chart for making a shamrock right in the center. With a few adaptations and some time, I made this whole outfit in one day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greta's Dedication Dress

Well, we're having Greta dedicated. I've been working on something for her to wear for the big event for quite some time now. Here's what has happened.

I started a dress with a sweet and simple pattern only to find that it was just way too big.
Then, I found another pattern, checked my gauge, and knit the entire thing... only to find that this too was quite too large for my little babe. This dress is called Oriental Lily and I thought it would be just perfect. I made it white with a pink sash around the center. It will probably fit her for Easter of 2011!
So, I have officially started the third dress for this babe and I'm not more that two inches from the bottom, (it's a bottom up dress) and I already think it's too big.

All that to say, if any of you know of a good place to find an affordable dedication dress, read less than $20, let me know. We're running out of time here and I just can't knit that fast!

Photos added of the dress!

Nana is happy!

and so is baby Greta! (Mama too of course!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep Sound In Jesus

As a child my mother used to put us to sleep with this Michael Card CD, "Sleep Sound In Jesus". It never failed. I would be fussy, or over tired, and fight sleep. My mom would tuck me in. Kiss me good night. And walk away. If I really needed to fall asleep and wouldn't, my mom would put on this cd. I don't think I know any of the songs past the third or fourth because it only took the first few to lull me off to sleep.

Well, my dearest Greta has a cold. She has been fighting one off for the last week and it has fully hit. She has a runny nose and fever. Although, much to our amazement, she doesn't seem that "off", her naps have been terrible today. So as I went to lay her down for attempt #4 of the day I couldn't bear the sound of her tears one more time. Then it dawned on my... Sleep Sound in Jesus. I have an iPod player in her room and so, as she battles this cold, she will rest for this nap with this precious cd playing in the background.

Thank you Mom for introducing me to this beautiful lullaby. Thank you Micheal Card for creating such a treasured gift. And thank you God for lulling my baby to sleep with the Truth about you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, as it's not officially here yet this blog might be mislabeled. However, the Hope of Spring is here. Many of my friends have claimed that this winter has truly been that, a winter. I guess I haven't necessarily felt the same but I can empathize with them. This winter I have wanted nothing more than to get outside. Greta is now 5 months old and the idea of laying her down on a play mat, or sitting her in her exosaucer, while fun it may be for a moment, seems mundane.

I'm ready for sunshine.

I'm ready for green grass.

I'm ready to bring a big blanket to one of our beautiful lakes and have a picnic with my babe.

I'm ready to paint my toenails and have someone see them.
I'm ready for St. Patrick's Day and marching in the parade downtown.
I'm ready for the new life that comes with Spring.
All that to say, I'm ready!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


"Not so with you, instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave- just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Matthew 20: 26-28

These verses were part of our reading this morning. How do we do this? How do we teach this? More and more the realization that I am responsible for the spiritual well being of my dear little one has been impressed upon me. It is our, her father's and my, responsibility to teach her the ways of our Lord and to show her how to live in such a way.

We have opened our home for the past month or so to some friends in need of a place to rest, heal, and be loved. I guess my feeling behind it all is that it really isn't our home. I mean, we pay for it every month, and all of "our" stuff is in it, but it really isn't our house. We are merely taking care of it for Him. So, with that said, why not open it up when others need it? How am I to claim to be a "Christian" if I don't act like it. And could you imagine Christ doing anything differently if he knew of someone needing a place to stay?

I have been blessed. Blessed with a wonderful family who love me for who I am. Blessed with an incredible husband who treats me with more respect that I could have ever deserved. Blessed with a beautiful daughter who's spirit is delightful and who's smile is contagious. Blessed with friends who encourage me and who make me laugh. Why not share the blessings? If this is what it means to be a servant of Christ than sign me up.


By Sara Groves

What a relief it is to know
I’m a slave to Christ
Of all the masters I have known
I’m compelled to live this life
Free for you

I’m on the other side of something
I’m on the other side of something

I have a new hope that blows away
The small hopes I knew before
And at the end of the day I am yours
And I am compelled

You’ve written on my very heart
Where no man can legislate
The law of your love has taken hold
With your holiness and grace
There’s no mistake

I’m on the other side of something
I’m coming out the other side, the other side

I have a new hope that blows away
The small hopes I knew before
And at the end of the day I am yours
And I am compelled

I am drawn and driven, I am compelled
You have written it, I am compelled
You live in me
And I can’t help myself

Monday, February 1, 2010

4 months old!

Our little Greta is four months old! She's teething now too which means everything and anything goes into her mouth. She's also capable of rolling over but didn't feel like showing those skills off today. Oh how happy her little sounds make me.

Ashley, the Moby, and a night together

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things that make me happy

Well, for those of you that know me, I'm a pretty happy person. It doesn't take a whole lot to make me smile. These days, those little things seem to happen on a regular basis. Maybe it's the fact that I'm now fulfilling my dream of being a wife and mother. In fact, that's probably it. I thought I'd take some photos of things/people that make me happy. This list is not exhaustive.

Buttons. I love them. I try to put them on everything I knit. I collect them. They make me happy.

Cloth diapers. Greta's bummy loves them. We have a fun collection going and to be honest, I'd rather buy a cloth diaper for my babe than a new pair of shoes or purse for myself.

Greta. She's so sweet. Her smile is absolutely contagious. She has an amazing spirit and I can already tell we're going to be great friends.

Yarn. I'm a knitter. I love buying new yarn. I should probably just get to knitting some more projects so I can replace some of the beautiful yarns in my stash.

My man playing the ukelele. He's so talented and has such a beautiful voice that I could sit and listen to him play music all day long. If only he didn't have to go to work.

Monday, January 25, 2010

3 months old

Well, the title of this blog isn't totally true. Greta turned 3 months on January 1st. She was born last year on October 1st. Can I just tell you how happy I am that her date of birth is on a 1. It's so easy to remember exactly how old she is!

Anyway. Greta is about to be dedicated. It's a decision her father and I made. We want her to know that we stood in front of our church, with our family and friends close at hand, to declare that we will support her spiritual life by praying for, encouraging, and nurturing her.

So, to keep the name of my blog truly legitimate to what I do, I'm knitting her dedication dress. I haven't found the pattern yet, and I don't have the yarn but, I'm doing it! I'll post photos of the finished project. I'm thinking something with little cap sleeves and long but we'll see.
Happy Monday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banana Bread

I absolutely love the smell of banana bread baking in the oven. To me, truly nothing smells more like home. Well, maybe the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking with a fire roaring in the fireplace. Either way, delicious. My mother recently shared her recipe with me so that I too could bake this goodness in my own kitchen. Here's the recipe.

1/4 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
3 mashed bananas
1 1/4 cup flour

Mix ingredients well. Grease loaf pan, bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour. It should be fairly brown on top. Makes one loaf.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caramel Rolls

Caramel rolls. I love them. There is just something so tasty about a warm caramel roll. I love the way they go perfectly with coffee. I love making them. So, as the weather gets colder and colder here, I bake more and more.

I used the recipe from Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Caramel Sticky Rolls. Super easy to follow and delicious every time.

Here's the pre-rolled out view. Dough had risen, been rolled out, and then coated with butter, brown sugar, pecans, and cinnamon. Also, instead of spreading the butter with a knife I used a pastry brush and melted the butter. It covered the entire 15" x 10" piece of dough and worked great.

Here's the caramel topping which is butter (yum), brown sugar, and corn syrup.

Here are the rolls pre-baked. I let them rise, covered, in the fridge over night.

And here are the rolls after we devoured some of them. Yummy.