Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Camping Trip

What a lovely weekend we had! 
Friday night was super hot- like it would have been in the high 80's by the time we were planning to put the girls down, so we stayed in and decided to leave Saturday morning.
We got up early and the car was already loaded so we just packed the food and left.  I found this campground that is part of the Three Rivers Park Area so it was close- only 45 minutes, and cheap- $30 for two nights.
Upon arrival and set up we learned that our friends weren't going to be joining us.  So we embraced a weekend with just the four of us.  And it was wonderful.
Also- I just got on Instagram- this is going to be fun! I love all the edits I can make to my pictures immediately! 
Audrey cooling off after a swim.  She loves playing with cell phones.

Greta has curly hair!  Really curly!  It's so sweet to see.

The mosquitoes were rough but we pushed through and managed to have a delightful time at the fire- just the two of us!

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  1. G's curls are killing me! love it. BTW our camping went well too, whew ;)