Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finding balance

It's a dance. To find the balance in our day to day lives.
I've been substitute teaching a little here and there and I love it. But I don't love the work it takes to prepare to be away from my ladies, whether they stay here with someone watching them or I take them somewhere. It's a lot of work either way.
I've also been working with my Aunt Maureen as her CAbi assistant at shows. It's a blast and I get to meet all sorts of new people. But it also requires time away from my family.
And then there are the other, normal, commitments that just seem to creep their way into our lives and require either me to be away or people to be here. And again, I'm social, and I usually love them all, but they still take something from the quiet night at home.

So here's my dilemma. Life is short. My babies will never be this young again. How do I find the balance? How do I make time for my family, my man, my friends, and myself?

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  1. No real wisdom for you Emily, except that NO is just as important a word with friends & family as it is with your little ones. As you say, they'll only be this little once and anyone who loves you all should realize sometimes you just have to say No in order to maintain sanity with babies at home. Also as much as extra work can be great, extra money isn't always worth the tradeoff of being away more than you like or coordinating care or etc. I'd rather go without quite a few things than miss out on all those little moments that happen during a day. But that is just me, and I am both cheap and introverted. :)