Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Love

On Friday of this week, September 30th, 2011, I will celebrate 5 years of marital bliss with the love of my life.

(wedding photo, 2006)

I have only one question to ask: how did I ever get so lucky?

(engagement photo- summer of 2006)

This man loves me for me.
With all my faults.
With all the junk that I have.
With the crazy that's in me and sometimes comes out.
He loves me.
So well.

(photo from our honeymoon- January 2006)

I never, ever, in my wildest dreams, thought I'd get someone as great as him.
He leaves me sweet love notes around the house.
He works 40+ hours a week to provide for our family and allow me to stay home.
He comes home every day with energy and enthusiasm for our family.

(photo from right before Greta was born- summer 2009)

He plays with our girls regularly

(photo from Greta's newborn shots- Fall 2009)

He spends time with me doing things we both love- like going for walks outside.

(photo from our family photo shoot, Fall 2010)

He encourages me to try new things.

(photo from Audrey's newborn photos: December 2010)

He supports me when I make decisions for us.

(summer 2011)

He is my better half and I'm so very lucky to have him.

(Fall 2011)

Happy Anniversary Daniel Mark.
I love you more than life itself.


  1. Congrats to you two! Can you believe it's been five years since you said your "I do"s? We are lucky to have such a wonderful couple as friends.

  2. congratulations on your first five years. much love and joy to you in aaaalll of your many years to come!