Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY Baby Teether

My girlfriend Laura made this super cute baby teether the other day and posted about it on her blog! I just couldn't resist whipping one up for my little teether, Audrey Lou. I found this adorbable material I had lying around and started to work on it.

1 piece of fabric about 24" long and around 8" wide (mine needed to be wider than Laura's as I wanted to make it double the thickness)
5-6 wooden balls
Matching thread (or not!)

1. I pressed my material as I took Laura's advice to double it the second time around.

2. If you look closely you'll notice a piece of tape on my machine. We, Mama Hansen and I (can I just say how much I loved having her in town? Made things like this feasible with two small children) measured to see how much room each ball needed and then sewed the seam of the teether along that line.

3. I sewed a zigzag stitch along the edge of my straight stitch to reinforce this.

4. I then trimmed the excess of the strip and pulled it right side out. This took me quite some time. Next time I'll do something different to make this process a little faster. Also, I think that because mine was double the thickness I had some issues with it just slipping right on through.

5. Knot one end. Insert a bead. Knot the material as closely as you can to the bead. And repeat until you can't add another bead.

6. Wrap one end inside the other and sew like crazy over the seam to close it and insure that none of the beads fall out.

Audrey with her first taste. She loves it!

Big sister- just hanging out.

Thanks again Laura for the fabulous idea and the quick and easy project!


  1. Alright, you and laura have inspired me! Drew will be getting one soon :)

  2. This DIY teether is easy to follow. I would love to make my niece one of these. Oh! Audrey's just loving it! Maybe Laura wants to try it too. Haha!