Monday, May 2, 2011

Both babes are still asleep...

This never happens.
And by never I mean, NEVER.

My oldest daughter woke up at 5:50 but with some gentle soothing from my man, went right back to sleep.

(A photo of Greta with her Abba during church yesterday)

My youngest daughter has been asleep since 1 am. We started night/sleep training with her two nights ago and it turns out, she was super ready. I've pretty much just fed her every time she's woken up since she was born. And to be honest, I haven't minded it. As soon as we got bf-ing to work I was all about it. However, now that she's almost 5 months old, I'm ready for a little more rest. So, two nights ago, when she woke up at midnight to eat, my man went in and calmed her down and then left the room. She fussed again, we let her go for 3 minutes, and then I went in. Repeat. Three times and she was fast asleep. Our goal was for her to make it to 3 am and then I would nurse her before she went back down again. She slept until 5!

(A photo of Audrey asleep on our couch- I promise she can breathe!)

So last night she woke up around 11 pm and I just soothed her back to sleep with some gentle butt pats (she sleeps on her tummy) and shushing (thank you "happiest baby on the block" book!). She hasn't woken up since. That's right. She's been asleep, other than that one wake up, since last night at 7:30. We're going on 12 hours here. And no nursing! WOW!

All that to say, I have loved my extra time. Usually I sleep until one babe wakes up but this morning I was well rested at 6:15 when my man gets up. So I got up. And made coffee. And finished my Bible Study. And changed the load of laundry. And ate a bowl of cereal. And checked my email. And drank another cup of coffee.

Thank you girls. Mama needed a Monday morning like this. Bless you and your sweet sleeping faces!

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